Amelia Lily – You Bring Me Joy (updated!)

This is an example of someone with beautiful strong powerful voice and yet nobody is able to offer, collaborate or provide to her quality material that her voice deserves. Just completely horrible. Such a talent. She beats Katy Perry and the likes by miles, yet they get more promotion.

So…i was watching celebrity big brother and didn’t know who she was (i’m not from the uk) and looked her up but still didn’t recognise her. But i went to listen to her music and i actually know this song…i just didn’t know she sang it.. so that was a pleasant surprise 😊

Listening in 2020 here! I only know she exists because she made a comment on a YouTube video I watched, and I noticed the creator liked her comment. He doesn’t usually do that, so I had to see who this special person was. Turns out I actually like this song! I think I’ll add it to my workout playlist.

I was upset when she didn’t win the X Factor. She’s really good and have powerful voice among other contestants. I always like her sincerity and drive to become a great singer. Her family was very adorable and she’s fortunate to have that great handsome father who’s very supportive to her.


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