Reza Aslan, “Zealot”


One of the most amazing talks I have ever heard on the life, history, and ultimate message of Jesus. A “must see” speech for all truth seekers, everywhere, regardless of faith or background. Fantastic.


In reading these comments, it is not only sad but IGNORANT that people cannot distinguish between issues of faith and that of historical significance. How weak a person’s faith must be, if they cannot analyze it objectively.

Highly Human

Thanks for this very interesting video. I will definitely buy this book. Some of the comments below do not make any sense. The guy is standing here talking about historical FACTS and some of you have guts to say it’s imagination and piece of lie. Well if you think that you have better knowledge and some other facts – come on write a book, tell us, we want to know. Until then listen and learn, and stop being so ignorant.